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January 2021

Well a month of lockdown over and it has definitely been harder to motivate myself this time. The first lockdown was a novelty getting all that time off but this one is scarier as you realise the first one wasn't a one off. Tried this week to establish a routine again as it is most definitely needed.

Hopefully on 2/2/21 we will get some guidance from the FM on opening dates. I have been in touch with all Edinburgh clients who had weddings up to 30/4/21. Half of you are rearranging and the other half are still going ahead. I just hope the numbers are raised to 20 as I personally think 5 people at a wedding is a bit of an ask. I have attached a photo to my blog post today of the beautiful Nicola and her hubby at South Queensferry. They got married in 2020 and even though it wasn't what they planned their photos show so much fun and love on a great day.

I have only been in Edinburgh once this month to check shop and as it is lockdown- we are CLOSED. I genuinely try to follow the restrictions and going to the shop daily would definitely not be necessary travel. As soon as we get an opening date we can start shipping dresses to the store in preparation for opening, Appointment diary is looking very healthy and it has again been brilliant doing the zoom chats with potential brides.

So as always if you need me I am available on email- edinburgh@gwenne.co.uk

Gwenne x

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