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What a Week!

So it has been a sad week here with the death of my mum on Wednesday. She has had a tough time since September so I take comfort that she is pain free and at now at peace. Mum was a great help setting up Gwenne and her contributions won't ever be forgotten or the memories diminished. Stephanie and I could write a book on the laughs we had over the years....topless dresses comes to mind :)

As with death there is still life and the harsh reality is that life goes on and we still need to work. In my case I do actually like to work. I have managed to keep on top of things and only swap a client on Friday (15/04/22) for the funeral so we have tried to keep things functioning smoothly. Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes and just generally been supportive. I do have the best team and clients. Bri and Elle really stepped up to cover me last week.

Liberton will be closed 03/05/22-10/05/22 inclusive unless you already have an appointment booked in the period with Bri. I am having a well deserved week in the sun which is needed although I am sure it will be tinged with memories as this used to be a holiday mum came on.

It's amazing how things work out and how many people come across your path- even funeral planning things went smoothly with the help of a hubby of a previous client.

Thanks everyone as always for business and your support and hopefully when you next see me I will be brown lol

Gwenne x

RIP Isabella Barclay 1936-2022


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