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General Update 19/03/22

Well the last two weeks has been a rush of changing appointments and cancellations with covid. I have never know it to be so rife and to be aware of so many folk who have it. It's definitely here to stay and to live with.

As we head to Monday and changes in restrictions we as a shop have decided (our staff and me) will continue to wear masks. We will do this because the safety and health of ourselves and our clients is paramount. It has become apparent on zoom calls that clients would prefer us to continue wearing masks so we will respect this. We will also try and maintain social distancing as much as possible and ensure people feel comfortable in the store.

We will still continue to sanitise hands and disinfect dresses and we will continue to takes guest details basically because if I got covid I would want to tell anyone I had been in contact with out of respect. Many of my clients already know that I also have a mum on end of life care just now so I want to ensure I am healthy and able to visit as and when required.

On a plus side it has been lovely to have such a busy Gwenne Edinburgh the last few weeks and it's great to see so many folk travelling to us...most recently from Liverpool!

We continue to work to appointments and tend to open Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If we do not have appointments then I will tend to work from home as fitting booking, emails and ordering are easy to do anywhere. As you know I am always available on email.

So have a good week and here's hoping the weather stays lovely, Gwenne x


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